Top 5 craziest ‘PUBG Themed’ case mods you’ll ever see!


PC modding is an interesting thing to do as the options are limitless. We’ve seen plenty of modified PCs with a cool outlook but here, we have some of the finest examples of ‘Crazy Modified PCs.’ These modifications were completed by the best 5 PC modders across the world and interestingly, all the hard work was live-streamed through Facebook.

We have collected all the hard work of the 5 participant teams in form of images that you’ll definitely fall in love with!

1. Team Australia’s Factory Case Mod

On the top, we have this abandoned-factory themed PUBG case mod with a rusty view! That’s the most creative thing one could think of!

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2. Team Philippines’ Project UAZ 

As the name indicates, this mod is based on PUBG’s famous UAZ 469 Jeep. The attention to details and the powder coated color scheme is just remarkable.

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3. Team Vietnam’s Project H500P 

The subtle color scheme used in this PUBG based mod is definitely, a treat to watch. The RGB lighting and the placement of coolant tube is just awesome!

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4. Team India’s Buggy Mod

As you can see, this mod is based PUBG’s iconic buggy. Carrying a whole lot of high-end hardware, this toyish design can be deceiving.

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5. Team Thailand

Last but not the least, this very mod also represents the PUBG’s buggy but in a quite different way!

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So what’s your personal favorite PUBG case mod?

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