Battlemods competition concludes with ‘Team Australia’ being the winner! Have a look at the craziest PUBG case mod ever!


So finally, we are down to the conclusion of Asia’s biggest PUBG case mod challenge, the BATTLEMODS. Without any ado, let me first announce, that the ‘CHICKEN DINNER GOES TO……TEAM AUSTRALIA.’

Our heartiest congratulations to the winning team for which two of the most talented modifiers, Stephen (from Tech Modified) and Corey (from Designs by IFR) have collaborated and worked hard enough. Here’s a brief recap of Team Australia’s PC modding journey, which was completed over the period of four consecutive days of modding:

The Abandoned Factory Theme PUBG Case Mod

As you have seen in the time-lapse video, Team Australia has put in their tremendous efforts in turning the dream case modding project, into a reality. Out of these four days modding session, 26 hours were streamed live on Facebook. Have a deep look at Team Australia’s Entry project for Battlemods.

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At the end, we would like to congratulate all the teams including Team Thailand, Team India, Team Philipinnes and Team Vietnam for their participation in the competition as they really gave a tough time to the winning team and we got to see some of the most amazing PC mods ever.

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