Enter the ‘B2G Cooler Master ZOTAC Backpack Giveaway Competition’ while Team Philippines starts its live PC modding session


The BattleMods 2017 competition is rocking the world and after Team Australia’s breathtaking mod, the other contestant teams have geared up for their turn. It’s time to discuss the Team Philippines which is all pumped up for their live mod session. Tantric (Mhike Samsin) and MadModz (Mickee Boy Lacerna) have teamed up as Team Philippines and are in full mood to knock out the other competitors including:

  • Team Vietnam
  • Team India
  • Team Thailand
  • Team Australia (They are already done with their mod)

The Giveaway

With Team Philipines hitting the stage, B2G has decided to giveaway two of the ZOTAC backpacks to the lucky winners during the live stream session. If you are a permanent resident of the Philippines, then becoming a part of this offer is easy as you just have to complete your application by clicking this link and then follow the below-mentioned points:

That’s all! If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can opt to share the post on a daily basis till the offer lasts. Also, to be a part of this offer, you need to stick to the livestream session while it’s on.


This is a limited time promotional offer and will be valid for those who register between December 6, 2017, to December 8, 2017 23:59 Manila Time (GMT+8). On December 9, 2017, B2G will announce the winners (Stay tuned for any updated information).

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