Team Thailand marks its presence at the Commart Thailand 2017 – Excitement builds up for their project in the Battlemods!


So, BATTLEMODS is going pretty well with teams from different parts of the world, all set to showcase their PUBG theme case mod. Team Australia has already proved their modding capabilities and its time for Team Philippines to come up. Other than these two teams, we also have Team Thailand lined up for their version of BMODS case mod. Thailand recently hosted Commart, which is an IT consumer event and Team Thailand also attended it to mark their presence. Sponsored by MSI, the team came up with an excellent piece of PC modding art as a trailer!


Team Thailand’s Upcoming BATTLEMODS Project

Though Team Thailand must be having firm plans regarding Battlemods, they showcased a trailer at Commart! The hardware used in their preview project at Commart included MSI Z70 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard housed inside an H500P water-cooled PC. The synergy between Cooler Master’s H500P and MSI’s Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon seemed going pretty well because of the catchy ‘Cable Management Work’ behind the motherboard. Here’s what one of the members of Team Thailand said regarding the mod:

The H500P has mounting boxes to stash cables in it. Therefore I thought to myself, If the right side of the case was tinted, we won’t be able to see that really cool feature. Therefore I moded the right side panel to expose the cable management feature. There were not much modifications to this case, it was mostly modding the right side panel, integrating watercooling components and painted the case red. Why glossy red? I wanted it to make it look sporty, like a sports car which goes really well with the Gaming Pro Carbon mobo. As for the water cooling components, I chose chromium fittings which gives a really nice overall reflective look to the build and definitely matches with the mobo’s style.

That makes us pretty excited about team Thailand’s performance at Battlemods. What about you?

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