‘PUBG Themed Crazy PC Mod’ by Nvidia along with other ‘Cool Custom Builds’ displayed at PAX Australia


PAX Australia kicked in the past weekend at Melbourne and folks around the venue didn’t let the opportunity slip away. The event was packed with different booths offering Musical Performances, Indie show case and all those things that you would expect from PAX Australia.

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Visitors showed a keen interest in eSports tournaments including:

  • PC Gaming
  • Exhibition of Modified PCs
  • Console Freeplay
  • VR Freeplay

The list is a long one but what we feel worth discussing here, are those crazy modified gaming PCs and especially the PUBG themed PC made as a joint collaboration between Stephen Hoad and Cory Gregory.


The two guys teamed up as team Australia and with the support of Nvidia and Cooler Master, the two guys made this modded PC based on the CM MasterCase H500P in straight 4 days of live streaming.


This PC was the star of the evening and here is a brief list of its stunning specifications:

  • Intel Core i5-8600K
  • 2 x Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
  • 4 x 4GB PANTHER series Apacer DDR4 RAMs
  • CM ‘MasterLiquid Maker 240’
  • CM v850 PSU

A great number of fans showed their interest in Nvidia’s booth as they came up with displaying latest and greatest technologies including the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti and G-Sync monitor. Young fans enjoyed the Destiny 2 and Final Fantasy XV sessions and others were interested in the hardware that Nvidia has to offer in the nearest future.

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