BATTLEMODS enters ‘The Final Hour’ – Check out how team Australia completed the 4-days modding challenge!


So, things escalated quickly for team Australia as on the fourth and final day of the modding challenge, the team really worked hard to get themselves out of the difficult situation. The final hour started with a pretty encouraging scene where the final look of the PC was in front of the viewers and all those rough hours put in the practice, started making sense. Guys behind the mod expressed the hard work in this one sentence:

“We’ve been working very very hard on our mod and we are running out of time!”

But looking at the final structure all of the viewers knew they would make it!


Finally, it was time to get the beast machine running and to start with, the liquid coolant was poured in the cooling kit.


Here’s another angle to view the whole mod:


Now the factory-themed case mod started looking more and more awesome!


The details were very carefully tuned and the guys finally had what they were looking for! A tiring journey of hard work came to the best ever end! The guys agreed on the point of reaching the final result and probably, we all did!



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