PUBG Theme BATTLEMODS’ Day 3 turned out to be hectic for team Australia – The modding crew was very concerned about completing the case mod in the given time


Don’t be surprised with the immediate change, it’s just the aluminum foil placed rightly! Team Australia started their 3rd day well in form with the plastic cuttings spray painted and fixed on the foundation. As you can see the ‘Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds’ original logo crafted by the modifiers over a custom cut plastic, it was surely, a great step to start the third day with!


To bring the dream case to life, team Australia came up with an idea of making ‘brick-textured‘ panels with windows inside to pass the cables easily. Those good-looking panels took a lot of time in taking the final shape because not only they were finely shredded from the sides to make them look even, but also, they were painted with acrylic colors so that they could fit in the theme.


The Wood Work

The next big thing in making the case was the woodwork in which the guys performed exceptionally well. No surprises, the woodwork needed much attention because of its delicacy and the amount of hard work they had to put in was beyond our imagination.

After almost an hour of tunning the edges and digging holes for the nuts to fit in, the guys came up with this! Don’t worry, it will start making sense once it gets finalized in the second break of day 3!


After the break, the team was seen still busy in fine-tuning the wood log that they were trying to fit on the side. Also, the side panels were fitted in their place but as the time was passing, the team found itself in a tight corner.

The end of day 3 was not as good as day 2 because the guys were tensed as the clock was ticking! Yup, they did have plans in mind to complete the look but the time factor was kind of eating them up. Also, the final design of day 3 didn’t look much appealing as it goes like:

“All journeys are difficult at the start, messy in the middle, but worth it in the end!”

Stay tuned to check out what happened on the final day as we already know that the guys made it to its final stage in the given time.



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