Day 2 at PUBG theme Battlemods – Team Australia started off from where they had left


The PUBG themed Battlemods contest for creating the best-modified gaming PC started its second day in even higher spirits. The team Australia was refueled after a short rest and the second day proved to be another giant step ahead towards the shape they wanted.

“We are trying to incorporate a lot of main features of PUBG as we possibly can!”


The team started the day with soldering the aluminum channel frame pieces which they had cut previously. The guys had a discussion about placing the radiator and in a matter of minutes, the place was finalized. The guys very carefully measured the pieces and started fitting them together. The measurement was done in a professional collaboration and then the team moved towards the next step.


Without any surprises, the team was a bit tired but more importantly, they needed to clean the stuff up which was spread around them so they decided to go on a short break during the live stream. But before going on the break, the team revealed a surprise, which was cutting the glass pieces with the help of a 130 Watts laser cutter.



The cutting machine was able to cut through acrylic and stuff so the team was confident to have the perfect results.


After the pieces were cut in the desired shape, the guys took the much needed 30 minutes cleaning break. The guys mounted the case over the frame they had custom made, so we saw the PC picking up a shape before the break.

After The Break

After the 30 minutes short break, the team was back in high spirits of sticking to the plan of creating the PUBG themed modified computer. We saw the hard aluminum foil which the guys said, they’ll use to create the irregular 3D design to form a PUBG design and logo.



Although the guys took another break in between but before ending the day 2, everyone had a very clear idea of what the case was turned into. What kept the viewers motivated, was the giveaway announcement which the team was constantly making during the transmission. Just like the first session, the second day was ended in high spirits of turning the dream PC, into a reality.



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