Day 1 at Battlemods live-stream- Team Australia started off with their awe-inspiring PC build

BATTLEMODS Team Australia PUBG Case Mod

BATTLEMODS has taken the PC modding scene to a whole new level, thanks to Nvidia and Cooler Master, the biggest-ever PC modding transmission was broadcasted live from the Tech Modified’s workshop, Australia. Recently, we mentioned about this first ever modding event which was live-streamed for straight 4 days. The competition was between 5 teams from 5 different countries of Asia and Australia.

Team Australia

Nvidia came up with team Australia and what they have built, is definitely, a treat to watch.

The Dream Build

Speaking more about the build, here’s a list of hardware that was used by team Australia:

  • The latest 8th generation Intel Core i5-8600K
  • 2 of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards
  • 4 of the 4GB PANTHER series Apacer DDR4 RAMs
  • A rocky-textured PANTHER series Apacer SSD
  • Cooler Master ‘MasterLiquid Maker 240’ (You won’t find it at the retail stores as it is not out on the market yet)
  • Cooler Master v850 PSU
  • Last but certainly not the least, the gigantic CM Master H500P case with two 200mm RGB fans to house them all!


When all the hardware was in place, the team expressed the modding ideas like utilizing the 4mm tempered glass panel of the MasterCase and the RGB setup of the liquid cooling kit to complement the desired theme. Also, the aggressive design of the RAM along with white LEDs was a perfect combination of what the team was thinking.

The Livestream


What made the event so unique, was that the guys from team Australia completed the project in 4 days and that too, right in front of the camera. Creating such a great modding build with the guts of being live was surely, a courageous step. The team started with collecting all the necessary tools.

Time to fit in the graphics cards.


After almost a couple of hours, the case seemed to be picking up a theme.


The welding stuff!


This was the end of day 1 and the team seemed pretty happy with the case picking up the shape they wanted. Stay tuned for what happened next!





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