Team Vietnam – nhenhophach & Son Gay Custom


Team Vietnam is represented by a couple of good friends, Ban Dinh Nguyen aka nhenhophach and Dang Thai Son aka Son Gay Custom. Even though they are considered one of the best in their country, both remain very humble and looking to bring modding in Vietnam to the world stage.

Nhenhopiohach began his career in modding with his CPU waterblock in 2003, which eventually led to his invention of the Interconnected Plate in 2011. Since then, he has played a big part in inspiring young builders and modders; even having many young modders seeking for apprenticeship. He will be making good use of his heavy-duty equipment that ranges from CNC machine, laser cutting to 3D printing.


Son Gay Custom only began modding business in 2013, but has come a long ways since. He specializes in scratch builds and has quickly shot to stardom and since won the 1st prize as recent as Intel Extreme PC Master Season 3. He already has a long history of project collaboration with nhenhophach, they are sure to amaze.

Pramod started off Havok Nation as a business to build high-end gaming rigs and has become popular place for hanging out and gaming events in India. He soon realized that case modding was a huge passion and even helped the business grow. His mods have started to gain recognition worldwide, especially with his winning mods from several competitions.

Vinay always had a deep appreciation for PCs and thinks the conventional looks do not do the computers justice. He now lives and breathes PC building and in his spare time, he games and develops software. He continues to amaze his fans with the speed and quality of each of his mods.


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