Team Philippines: Tantricmodz & MadMods PC

BATTLEMODS Team Philippines

The dynamic duo of Mhike Samsin aka Tantricmodz and Mickee Lacerna aka MadMods PC, will be representing Team Philippines. Not only are they great friends, they are often seen conducting workshops at live events and they both own their own Modding shops! With so much experience, they are set to help Team Philippines take the crown.

Back in 2005, Tantric got inspired from MaximumPC and and started modding as a hobby, but eventually it become a full-time job and a thriving business! Some even refer to him as the god father of Pinoy PC Modding and rightfully so as the modding community has been growing steadily.

MadMods PC stumbled upon modding when he came cross Tantrimodz and Jesse Palacio’s work. He calls Tantric “LODI” (Idol spelled backwards, showing how much respect everyone has for Tantric. MadMods PC has quickly turned this hobby into a full-time business. He wanted to us to pass the message to the competitors “Let’s grab some beer!” and “Let’s have fun and keep our fingers away from the blade”.



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